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Full Version: Form submission: CSS JailBreak Staff Application
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*IGN (In-Game Name):: NiMroD

*SteamID:: STEAM_1:1:419680354

*Age: 27

Were you refferred by any staff, if yes, who?: : no

What is your Discord Name? : NiMroD

Why are you applying for this role and what experience do you have? (Min. 50 Words): : Im applying to PlatG because you all seem like good people and fun to play with. i would like to help you guys get the servers more populated and contribute to the servers and website. ill be dedicated to the servers and all the people in platG. ill help out anyway that i can.

Are you familiar with SourceMod?: : i was admin in a clan when i played 7+ years ago but i dont remeber how to do any of it.

Do you understand all the rules?: Yes

Are there any days you are unable to join the server?:

Is there anything else we should know?: :

Welcome to the team!