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Form submission: CSS JailBreak Staff Application


*IGN (In-Game Name):: SpicyWaffle

*SteamID:: STEAM_1:1:29555775

*Age: 26

Were you refferred by any staff, if yes, who?: : clown JWJokerscGame

What is your Discord Name? : SpicyWaffle

Why are you applying for this role and what experience do you have? (Min. 50 Words): : I've been admin on a couple servers over the years, which have now closed down. Been off CS:S for about 2 years. I also ran my own server in the past for a year and a half.

Are you familiar with SourceMod?: : Yes

Do you understand all the rules?: Yes

Are there any days you are unable to join the server?:

Is there anything else we should know?: : Thank you for considering this application. Hope to speak to you soon.


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