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Global JailBreak Rules

  1. Admins' words and decisions are final
  2. Talking over a CT's Orders will get you muted.
  3. A Warday is NOT refusable and LR is disabled during Warday's. (Max wardays in a row is 2)
  4. The Highest Ranking Admin may grant a Freeday on the first round of a new map (Bypasses Warden's Orders).
  5. When playing on this server you MUST read the rules, We are not responsible if you get banned.
  6. If an admin swaps your team, you must stay on the team you have been swapped to, switching back can lead to a CT Ban.
  7. If you don't know the game or are new, you must join T
  8. LRs should be played fairly
  9. Do not interfere with other players in LR
  10. CTs can refuse custom LRs (Knife guntoss, Climb, Bhop, Nade guntoss, etc)
  11. Do not glitch the armoury doors
  12. Whining is not allowed
  13. Only 1 Warden at a time, when Warden dies another CT can take over commands
  14. When Warden is giving orders, you may not use your microphone
  15. Do not purposely delay rounds from ending (purposely avoiding !lr or excessive camping)
  16. No detours / no delays is implied in all commands.
  17. Hackers/Cheaters will be permanently banned without warning, period. No exceptions.
  18. No Bunnyhop scripts, hacks, freescrolls, hyperscrolls and macros allowed.
  19. Respect All Players (Including Admins and Regulars).
  20. No Freekilling.
  21. No Ghosting.
  22. No weapon spamming.
  23. Always follow JailBreak rules (Type !motd see the rules).
  24. No crying or whining (we want a good atmosphere on our servers).
  25. No recruiting or creating "Friends group".
  26. No racial or religious slurs.
  27. No Pornographic/Disturbing images in sprays.
  28. No advertising servers or websites.
  29. English ONLY on mic.
  30. No Spamming.
  31. No HLDJ/HLSS, please use radio instead.
  32. No kids with high-pitched voice on mic.
  33. No Exploiting.
  34. No Glitching.
  35. No Advertising of other clans, communities, servers, or websites.
  36. Getting into an arguement with an Admin could result in a kick or tempban.
  37. If the rules are unclear, the highest ranking admin's decision is final.
  38. Opinionated Days (E.G. Joke Day's) is refusable.
  39. Last Reaction/First Reaction is refusable.

CT JailBreak Rules

  1. CTs must have a mic, or be a trusted player to play CT
  2. Camping in armoury / vents / medic / secret areas is forbidden
  3. Interfering with Wardens' games is not allowed (shooting football / resetting games / resetting score)
  4. CTs should give warnings before killing people, except if it’s a rebelling or an escaping T
  5. CTs cannot order Ts to do something which will kill them unfairly
  6. CTs cannot order Ts to stay in cells / go in cells
  7. You may legitimately kill/damage a guard when he is on your head (This is called baiting)
  8. CTs cannot gunplant (toy guns are allowed to be given with warden approval)
  9. CTs' job is to maintain the jail security and look after the Ts, therefore they should not be wandering around the map
  10. If the Warden wants to reward a game with a secret prize, he has to declare the prize of such game at least to other CTs and before the game starts.
  11. CTs are not allowed to issue "Crouch walk" command
  12. CTs are not allowed to issue tricky or misleading commands
  13. CTs cannot order multiple special days in a row
  14. CTs must not teamkill
  15. CTs cannot exit armoury via vents / teleports at any time
  16. CTs should only enter a vent when they have a valid reason (the vent is open / T is missing)
  17. If no orders are given before opening cells, it's a freeday
  18. Freekilling will result in a CT Ban (Admin chooses for how long)
  19. Cells must be opened 1 minute after the round starts otherwise it is an automatic freeday.
  20. If a T is holding a Primary you may KOS, if a T is holding a Pistol or Grenade you must warn them to drop it before killing them.
  21. Orders can ONLY be given via Mic (Text Orders can be ignored)
  22. Secret Weapons in maps can ONLY be picked up by T's and not CT's (unless it has already been moved).

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